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From exhilarating natural wonders to enriching cultural moments and beyond, the Atlanta Illuminarium delivers a sensory experience like no other by fully immersing you in the world’s most extraordinary experiences. They offer an array of intoxicating shows, like African safari experiences and interactive art galleries, that allow you to experience cinematic immersion like no other! Details
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Located only 22 miles east of Atlanta, GA, Seaquest Stonecrest offers an interactive zoo for the whole family. This family-friendly Stonecrest Mall attraction features over 20,000 square feet of adventure! Guests will embark on a journey to touch, feed, and participate in animal interactions from five different continents. Book your tickets to Seaquest Stonecrest online to start your adventure! Details
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Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta is located in Atlanta's historic Grant Park and just minutes from downtown Atlanta. The Zoo is known for its diversity and variety, taking care of over 200 species on 40 acres. And, is one of only three zoos in the U.S. to house giant pandas. Your Atlanta Zoo tickets provide admission to an incredible family friendly experience. Watch more than 1,000 animals in action and explore over 70 species of reptiles and amphibians at Scaly Slimy Spectacular. Zoo Atlanta has something to offer the whole family, so don't miss this on your next trip to Georgia! Details
There’s more than meets the eye at Fun Spot America! Kids can ride on a miniature Ferris Wheel, test their skills in the arcade, or tap into their competitive side on the mini-golf course. And you can’t forget about the go-kart tracks! Built for the entire family to enjoy, Fun Spot America’s go-karts will take you on the ride of a lifetime around four challenging and speedy tracks. Details
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Discover more than tens of thousands of marine animals at the world’s second-largest aquarium. At the Georgia Aquarium, you’ll encounter everything from sea lions to sharks, penguins to tropical fish. Dive deep under the sea with interactive exhibits, shows, and programs included with your Georgia Aquarium tickets. While you’re there, take advantage of free WiFi, use the attraction’s app to navigate your self-guided tour, or grab a bite to eat at Cafe Aquaria. Details
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Embark on a medieval quest as you indulge in a feast fit for a king and watch a tournament unfold before your eyes. America’s longest-running dinner attraction transports audiences back to the 11th-century for a night of jousting, competition, feats of strength and skill, and magnificent showmanship. Come hungry and ready for a meal unlike any other. But don’t expect to use utensils. This is the 11th-century, after all! Details
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Immerse your family into one-of-a-kind LEGO® exhibits, rides, 4D theaters, and so much more at the LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Atlanta. With 12 great family attractions available, kids can put their imaginations to work. Highlights include indoor rides like Kingdom Quest, a LEGO® factory tour, the LEGO® Master Builder Academy, meeting your favorite LEGO® characters, and much, much more! Details
Walk in the footsteps of Martin Luther King through the heartlands of the Civil Rights Movement in Atlanta where racial integration and equality had a spiritual home and King first had “his dream”.

On your private Civil Rights Tour of Atlanta, you will:
  • See Dr King’s birthplace in Auburn Avenue, just one of several buildings that make up the Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site.
  • Visit the site of King’s baptism and funeral - the Ebenezer Baptist Church - which has become the most meaningful symbol of civil rights in America.
  • Learn how Martin Luther King Jr. Day became an annual US federal holiday.
  • See the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) Headquarters.
  • Discover the events that led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
  • Experience Prince Hall Grand Lodge, a hidden treasure of the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Hear how the struggle for equality continues to this day, and how Atlanta is grappling with necessary change.
  • Enjoy a snack and a drink at a place recommended by your guide.
  • Finish your tour at the King Center - where your guide will leave you to explore at your own leisure.

Known as “The Cradle of the Civil Rights Movement,” Atlanta emerged as the epicentre for activism from 1940 to 1970 when it became the cultural catalyst for freedom without discrimination or repression. Black leaders called for voting rights, access to public facilities and institutions, and economic and educational opportunities for African Americans. The civil rights movement had a spiritual home in Atlanta, specifically in the Sweet Auburn district, where the influence of Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife on civil rights history can still be felt to this day. It is here that King first had “his dream” while honing a particularly powerful speech that would have a seismic impact on US race relations.

Segregation, inequality and discrimination once defined the city, a policy firmly established and backed by state law, just as elsewhere in the South. Atlanta had a more progressive attitude to racial integration to the rest of America’s South, even prior to the Civil Rights Movement. It had appointed several black officials, desegregated public transport (in 1959) and inching towards wider social and political change.

By the early 1960s, Sweet Auburn had become the hub for the activism that would go on to power the city’s remarkable civil rights journey. Details
Make memories with friends or team build with your coworkers playing the Escape Game. Does your crew have what it takes to get out in under 60 minutes? Solve puzzles, find clues, and overcome challenges together in this immersive, social experience. Nothing ever plays out quite like you’d expect, which keeps everyone guessing until the last second. Pick a mission and save the day! Details
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