Things to Do by KapohoKine Adventures in Big Island Hawaii, Hawaii

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Explore the natural beauty of Hawaii’s volcanoes with a sunset background in this epic hiking adventure. Offered by KapohoKine Adventures, your narrated tour includes stops at recent lava flows, a lava viewing area in Kalapana, and the historic Painted Church. Next, discover the wonder of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, enjoy dinner, and watch the sunset in the park before heading back to Hilo. Details
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Set off on a remarkable kayak tour in Hilo Bay to unravel its historical treasures. Paddle through turquoise waters, amid lush greenery, and discover concealed waterfalls. Interact with friendly sea turtles, while a knowledgeable guide shares stories of Hilo and Moku Ola. Don’t miss this chance to explore the Historic Hilo Bay Waterfalls by kayak! Details
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Explore the Big Island's top attractions and even get the chance to go on a Hawaii Stargazing adventure! Hilo Island has a wide variety of stunning natural attractions, including twin volcanoes, towering waterfalls, lava tube systems, and historic waterfronts. Take this tour to view all of these locations as well as a glimpse of Hilo's stunning night sky with Kapohokine Adventures! Details
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Go on a Hawaii stargazing adventure with ​​Kapohokine Adventures on Kona Island! One of the best locations in the world for stargazing is Mauna Kea due to its high altitude, remote position, and minimal light pollution. Take this Mauna Kea Stellar Explorer experience and use top-grade telescopes to look for constellations, planets, and flares! Details
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